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Ow, my ovaries..

December 15th, 2005 (11:22 pm)

First, a hoorah for not being pregnant. The one good thing bleeding from the crotch provides. It is endlessly good to be twenty-two and unattatched to something that requires so much responsibility.

Second, the fuckers put chocolate in the office again. I'm not sure if other women do this, but I'd put money that they, too, eat when they are bored. And my job is nothing but eight hours of boredom. Damn it.

And then the rest is just bullshit.

Whitney and I have a little over three months left on our lease. We're going to have to figure out what we want to do by the end of next month. Depending on if the building gets bought to someone who hikes the rent, or it just gets silly to stay where we are, we might move. Ooooh.

Commuting blows, by the way. In case you never knew that. Larissa, I still have no idea how you and Josh do that every single morning.

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(no subject)

December 14th, 2005 (09:02 pm)

The only bumper sticker on my boyfriends car.
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(no subject)

December 14th, 2005 (12:57 pm)

I'm convinced that the landlord turned up the heat because he's showing the apartments today. Trouble is, that makes it too hot to clean. Douche.

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Early mornings = useless.

December 14th, 2005 (07:30 am)

We have the sweetest kitten of all time, pretty much. As soon as he had any sort of inkling that I was conscious while in bed this morning he came running in my room to come up and snuggle with me. Then when I got up to check all my computer stuff, he climbed up in my lap and rested his head on my wrist while I type this babble out to all of you. Again, I'm glad we did not pick a dud kitten.

So, I don't get paid again until December 23rd. Now, I will have money that can go towards presents for other people once I do get that money, but you'll notice that it's two days before Christmas. Fantastic. I'll just have to make the best list of all time and be the awesome shopper that I always have been to haul ass that Friday night and get it all done.

This year, Whitney and I decided to make each other's stocking and be in charge of filling them up. I got her some stuff at Target yesterday, and can't wait to start contructing the most awesome Whitney stocking of all time to put it in.I think the hardest part for both of us is going to be waiting. Neither of us are very good at holding back on good stuff like this.

The christmas season gets so busy for everyone. You stop really seeing people on a regular basis, because we're all so...fucking...busy. With the dumbest crap, too! And if we're not busy, we're stressed about the things we're busy about. It's totally lame.

Now I have to go make a graphic for our Adventure Thursday Holiday Party. The graphic is always my favorite part.

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When life gets you down, just go ahead and die.

December 13th, 2005 (05:37 am)

mood for the moment: cranky
music for the mood: Teitur - I Was Just Thinking

I disappeared for approximately twenty-four hours, and it felt really good. It felt like detox. The bad thing about it all is that I came back feeling guilty because there are people that I didn't even know I would be letting down by just not being around. I guess I will have to announce my next sabbatical.

Miss Whitney's car is a bit dodgy, and that tends to blow since we were planning on using it to drive to Boston today for a trip we've been planning for almost three weeks now. We can't take Jonathan's car because it sounds like a rocketship (the best description ever for a car with a faulty exhaust system), my car is in perfect working condition but isn't registered and therfore technically illegal to drive, and Stephen's car is a little on the large size and that's just not cool for city driving. I'm still not sure what it is we're going to do. It's really too bad when the things you do for recreation start to become a part of your stress.

My mom is going to show up here at about six45, fifteen minutes before I get out of work, so that I can show her how to figure out that fanangled Amazon wish list stuff. When I'm out of here, we're going Christmas shopping. Oh. Boy. I will try to stay positive about this. I will, I will, I will.

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Good morning.

December 11th, 2005 (08:22 am)

mood for the moment: grumpy

I'm working late for a coworker, and I pretty much hate it. A whole lot. I'm sleepy, and cranky.

I also have to go backto Sanford today so that I may get my awesome hat back. I have desperate hopes that I can get the smell of patchouli out of it. This may prove to be futile, and it will have been a lost cause. But that will not stop me from trying.

My sister stopped by last night and went to get some sleep at about four this morning. Which means that she's been sleeping for naught but four hours and some change.Which means that it would be rude of me to call her just to entertain me while I"m here stuck at the desk with that horrible man who wears too much cologne and his ugly children whom I will smile at while I type this.

Ha. This guy just had his daughter come up and when he tried to kiss her forehead she grunted and pulled away. He asked me if I loved my dad, and I just smiled because I realized that telling guests that my father is dead probably is not the best way to start a conversation that involves me smiling and nodding.

My mom called me because she's freaking out about buying people christmas presents. Good news: I'm getting the bowling shoes I want. I just have to pretend I'm surprised when I open them. Bad news: She totally made me think I was getting the Doc Marten boots I've wanted for forever before telling me she hasn't the money for them. Unless she is fucking with me. I hate when she does that. Except I love it.

Another hour and a half. Yay.

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(no subject)

December 10th, 2005 (11:45 am)

Tina Machina [userpic]

tagged by gaelicprincess , but I couldn't pick just ten.

December 10th, 2005 (03:52 am)

Fourteen Things That Bring Me Joy, In No Particular Order.

14. Pronouncing it "ree-sieze pee-seize", because it's better than stupid Reese and his pieces.

13. Kittens, of all shapes sizes and ages.

12. Winning.

11. Angry Hair Fat Face

10. New underpants!

9. Laughing at all the parts in the movie that you're not supposed to laugh at.

8. Midnight showings of movies.

7. Realizing that someone actually listens to what I say.

6. Successfully making something that I love (ie clothes, crafts, tampon boxes, hot hot wrapping paper).

5. Taking your picture, and having you say "Wow, I look good."

4. Hanging out with my mom and my sister on Christmas Eve, wrapping the last of the presents and laughing about everything we forgot to laugh about before.

3. Nummy food.

2. Stephen's immitation of Jon. Or immitating Jon myself. The Harvey Dance.

1. Voicemail from Matthew.

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I admit.

December 7th, 2005 (07:25 am)

After having it brought to my attention several times in the last while, I admit that yes I am horrendously unforvingly mean to all the men that have been in my life. I'll also admit the reason.

It's not so much that I hate or dislike them...it's that I hate that I was ever vulnerable around a person and they were able to see parts of me that I dislike. That I ever got all gooshy about them, since now I dislike them so and it's embarassing to think that there was a time that I was ever gooshy about someone I now think is a douche. They all had redeeming qualities. I just tend to completely ignore those for the ones that are more entertaining.

Does it make any sort of sense that I get angry for being so human?

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It's 5AM at Larissa's house, and they have a radio alarm.

December 7th, 2005 (05:00 am)
music for the mood: The Gossip - Swing Low

So not only do I have Chrisina Aguilera stuck in my head, I have the time to kill to do this survey.

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